JavaScript 30

This is a JavaScript practice with JavaScript30 by Wes Bos without any frameworks, no compilers, no boilerplate, no libraries, and with ES6 syntax.
demot site by Amelie Yeh...view on github
JS Drum Kit

01. JS Drum Kit

JS + CSS Clock

02. JS + CSS Clock

CSS Variables and JS

03. CSS Variables and JS

Array cardio day 1

04. Array cardio day 1

Flex Panels Image Gallery

05. Flex Panels Image Gallery

Ajax Type Ahead

06. Ajax Type Ahead

Array cardio day 2

07-Array cardio day 2

Fun with HTML5 Canvas

08. Fun with HTML5 Canvas

Dev Tools Domination

09. Dev Tools Domination

Hold Shift and Check Checkboxes

10. Hold Shift and Check Checkboxes

Custom Video Player

11. Custom Video Player

Key Sequence Detection

12. Key Sequence Detection

Slide in on Scroll

13. Slide in on Scroll

JavaScript References VS Copying

14. JavaScript References VS Copying

LocalStorage and Event Delegation

15. LocalStorage and Event Delegation

Mouse Move Shadow

16. Mouse Move Shadow

Sort Without Articles

17. Sort Without Articles

Adding Up Times with Reduce

18. Adding Up Times with Reduce

Webcam Fun

19. Webcam Fun

Speech Detection

20. Speech Detection


21. Geolocation

Follow Along Link Highlighter

22. Follow Along Link Highlighter

Speech Synthesis

23. Speech Synthesis

Sticky Nav

24. Sticky Nav

Event Capture, Propagation, Bubbling and Once

25. Event Capture, Propagation, Bubbling and Once

Stripe Follow Along Nav

26. Stripe Follow Along Nav

Click and Drag

27. Click and Drag

Video Speed Controller

28. Video Speed Controller

Countdown Timer

29. Countdown Timer

Whack A Mole

30. Whack A Mole